Water Tanks

Flexible water storage solutions to suit your 4WD holiday needs.

Designed to withstand 4WD and off-road conditions our water storage solutions are made from food grade material.

Tips: When filling a water tank use only drinking water grade hose (not a common garden hose), or else you are adding tainted water to start with. Wrap your water bladder in a picknick blanket for added protection.

Cleaning/Storage:  Water in any type of small tank (stainless steel, Poly, bladder) will get stale and have a taint to the taste over a period of time. Tanks are best stored completely dry. Tanks should be cleaned periodically and we recommend using "Milton" (baby bottle washing compound). If a bad taste persists use Bi-Carb of Soda to flush out the tank and repeat as necessary. Capacity:  Poly tanks are roto-molded using an oven. 

Tanks cool at different rates depending on the time of year and this can lead to different levels of shrinkage - thus to small variances in capacity between the same model of tank.