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Mulgo Pop Top

to suit Land Rover Defender (to 2016)

The award winning Mulgo Pop-top Roof converts your Land Rover Defender into comfortable, spacious overnight homes. Built from aluminium, it’s light-weight, and the solid construction ensures that the offroad capability of the original vehicle is not impacted.
The full standing height inside your vehicle gives you the added privacy you often miss while camping and superior comfort when the weather is not favourable.


Easy to Use

Featuring strong gas-struts and two release latches accessible from the inside, the Pop-top Roof is lifted in seconds. The rigid platform supporting the overnight bed can be lowered independently of the Pop-top Roof, thus allowing full standing height.


Comfortable Bed for Two

The comfortable 70mm dual layer, high density mattress measures 205cm by 120 cm. Your sleeping bags or doonas will remain in place while the roof is down, snuggly fitting into the space between the supporting platform and the roof.

As an upgrade we exclusively offer the Swiss-Designed Fanello Bed. With its timber slats and patented latex cushions, you will have the best possible support and most comfortable sleep. Together with the 70mm dual layer mattress it gives you a total of 120mm of cushioning.


Cross Ventilation

Windows on both sides as well as at the back allow sufficient aeration. All windows are covered with mosquito nets, and can be closed from the inside using the Velcro® lining. The large windows allow for panoramic views from your bed.


Full Weather Protection

Using high-tech canvas Airtex®, a light-weight, extremely durable and breathable material, and quality seals ensure the vehicle is fully weather tight.


Fuel Efficient

The low profile and integrated, light-weight construction of the aluminium Pop-top Roof ensures that the aerodynamic properties of your vehicle are minimally impacted, thus ensuring that the change in fuel efficiency of your car is not noticable.

Look & Feel

The design of the Pop-top Roof is based on the original manufacturers’ looks, with all parts of the construction matching your vehicle body colour.


Loading Space

Due to the fact that we are using the standard Land Rover Defender roof, you can install any roof rack platforms and load bars made for this vehicle.


Engineering Certificate

The Mulgo Pop Top has been certified by a NSW Motor Vehicle Engineer.

The following has been noted:

‘… The structure is more effectively secured than the original roof. … An analysis of strength of the cant rail perimeter structure has shown that it is stronger than the original roof structure in all potential load situations. … The modified vehicle meets the requirements of the Road transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation …’


All our conversions include a NSW Engineering Certificate - other states on request.


Starting at $17,500 incl GST depending on your specifications. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Standard Inclusions

  • manufacturing and fitting of pop top conversion in our workshop

  • NSW Engineering Certificate (other states on request)

  • lower frame and roof colour matched to your vehicle colour, using automotive 2-pack paint

  • roof insulated and covered with standard roof lining

  • 2x LED reading lights with hi/low setting and USB charging port

  • internally mounted, self locking heavy duty tie down latches (allow for quick opening and safe closing of the Mulgo Pop Top)

  • one window on either side and one at the rear

  • mosquito netting on all three windows

  • window covers open top down internally for maximum privacy and regulation of airflow

  • gas strut assisted lifting bed platform to allow for full standing height

  • 70mm twin layer high density mattress with soft layer and removable cover

Optional Extras

​This list could be endless and all depends on your style of travelling and what you have already installed, not to forget where you want to travel to in your Defender.

We just mention a few things what most of our customers add to their new Mulgo Pop Top conversion.

  • Fanello Slatted Bed upgrade ($750)

  • roof mounted solar installation

  • awning

  • interior fit out

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