Aussie Overlanders - an epic adventure

Author: Daniel   Date Posted:16 September 2013 

Kirsty & Gareth on their epic adventure.

Quite some time ago Kirsty and Gareth have been bitten by the ‘travel bug’. Not surprisingly they met each other while travelling.

This time however, there will be no ‘backpacking’ or ‘kontikiing’ … the plan is to drive with their own vehicle through Australia and Africa.

It took them 6 months to find their base vehicle, a 21 year old Toyota Troop Carrier. The vehicle was in great shape and ideal for such an adventure.

Kirsty and Gareth then purchased a good quality roof rack and roof top tent. They came to our workshop to discuss options for adding side access doors to their Troopy. Besides a few Land Rovers we also had a Troopy in our workshop where we just added a Pop Top….

Needless to say, Kirsty and Gareth loved the pop top and seriously started to reconsider their sleeping set up. It didn’t take long and we got the email: “We have decided to go ahead with the pop top conversion and would like you to do it for us.”

Since then Kirsty and Gareth have added a lot more to their Troopy. Gareth has spent countless hours in our workshop working on the fit out and getting advice from Daniel.


Click the below link to read on the trip preparation and follow Kirsty & Gareth on their epic adventure.

On the road with Kirsty & Gareth